SpillFix Truck Spill Kit in Robust Stowaway Bag

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All-purpose spill kit provides an immediate response to any spill with 2 SpillFix dispenser jars. Clean up fast leaving no slick residue with the non-abrasive super absorbent SpillFix. Prevent spills from spreading with the high-performance SpillFix Boom Sock.


  • Proudly Manufactured and Packed by Americans who are blind.
  • Made tough with Water Resistant 1000 Denier Military Grade Nylon
  • Easy carry straps and mounting D hooks to easily mount on walls and in vehicles.
  • Contents stored securely and dry with easy double clip access
  • A robust, go-anywhere universal SpillKit. It includes the fast-acting, lightweight, dust-free SpillFix granular absorbent, and the world’s best performing SpillFix Boom Sock.

Carton: 2



Includes 2 x SpillFix Absorbent Dispenser Jars

  1. Durable dustpan and broom
  2. One pair of safety glasses
  3. Two absorbent pads
  4. Two lightweight 3 quart jars of SpillFix organic industrial absorbent. This kit contains enough dust-free granular absorbent to absorb 1 gallon of spilt liquid (2.5 gallons with boom SOC included)
  5. Contents stored securely and dry with easy double clip access
  6. One 5 foot/1.5 meter (4”/10cm diameter) SpillFix Boom SOC to mitigate spill migration. The world’s best performing SOC with the capacity to absorb 6 quarts of spilt liquid
  7. Disposable protective gloves
  8. Heavy duty plastic trash bags
  9. This compact kit is made from tough, water resistant 1000 Denier military grade nylon. Measuring only 18′′ x 18′′ x 6′′ it can go anywhere it is needed, as it weighs in at only 11.5 lbs
  10. Keyhole view of back of SpillFix Go-Anywhere SpillKit shows carry straps and 2 mounting D hooks on the back of the bag. Also includes SpillKit Content List and Safety Data Sheet (SDS)