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The harness is made in polyester and it features: - 2 textile chest attachments and 1 dorsal “D” attachment for the fall arrest system.
- 2 lateral D-rings for work positioning.
- Adjustable shoulder straps, leg loops and waistbelt.
- Rear clasps and rings for carrying tools.
- Totally adjustable harness.
- Sitting waistbelt designed for maximum comfort of the worker.


Sokoi harnesses are in polyester, which has lower elongation properties than other materials. The harness does not stretch dangerously when subject to a fall, therefore, the worker does not risk slipping out of the harness.
Sokoi harnesses may be equipped, upon request, with a Tell-Tale fall indicator, positioned, through the seams, on the back of the shoulder; it detaches itself in the event of a fall.The harness must be immediately replaced after a fall.

Technical Specifications:
- Dorsal "D" Attachment for the fall arrest system.
- "A" or "A/2" label: shows the attachment points of the fall arrest system.
- Labels: all the harnesses labels and markings are in an inner strong polyethylene wrapping to prevent the marking from fading.
- Sliders: the ends of the shoulders straps are locked by plastic lips.
- All the texile loops are covered with a fabric reinforcement.
- Chest belt: features a single slider allowing the user to adjust the belt in the required position.

The product is designed and manufactured to comply with the essential health and safety requirements of Directive 89/686/EEC, and to conform to the requirements of EN 361, EN 358, EN 1149 CE. It is classified as PPE Cat. III.

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EN 361 CE
EN 358 CE
EN 1149 CE