MontiPower® - Bristle Blaster System

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The Bristle Blaster® is a portable surface preparation tool that combines wire wheels with an ingenious accelerator bar*, to speed production. Benefits include the following:

  • Excellent for spot work.  Small projects such as rework, weld cleaning, etc., are faster due to no abrasive cleanup needed.
  • Highly portable.  Light weight and compact makes usage and storage a breeze.
  • Simple to use.  No need to suit up to use it.
  • Quick setup.  Plug in and go!
  • Safe for most surfaces.  Unlike a grinder, the Bristle Blaster® creates a surface profile without removing metal.

While the production speed isn’t as high as traditional abrasive blasting, the benefits of no mess and quick setup/teardown make this a very efficient tool for spot work and repairs.  It is up to 10x faster than using a hand wire brush. The Bristle Blaster® tools are available in 3 power configurations:

  • Electric.  Requires 910 watts at 120v.

There are 3 orientation configurations for the wheels, as follows:

  • Standard wheel (general purpose)
  • Double wheel  (faster production for larger surfaces).  Note – available in electric only.
  • Axial (right angle) wheel (great for reaching inside corners or other areas difficult to reach with the standard wheel).  Note – available in pneumatic only.

Additional notes:

  • These units create a surface profile between 2.5 and 3.5 mils.
  • Wire wheels are also known as belts. Russmill Safety offers all carbon steel and stainless replacement belts.
  • The standard pneumatic kit includes a dust shroud for attachment to a vacuum cleaner, for even faster clean up.
  • Other belt types and machine models available – enquire.

*The Axial version does not come with an Accelerator Bar.

NOTE: Manufacturer Sourced. Usually ships in 5-7 days.