Original Schmidt Digital Rebound Hammer, Type N

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Original Schmidt OS8000 Concrete Test Hammer makes concrete strength estimation and uniformity assessment more accurate, repeatable, and efficient. Offering the same compressive strength range and impact energy as the classic Original Schmidt Type N model, the Schmidt Live adds digital functionality, a rugged, fiber-reinforced shell, and cloud-based connectivity for reporting test results directly from the job site.

Type N Schmidt Live has an impact energy of 2.207Nm (1.63ft-lbf), effective with concrete compressive strength ranging from 1,450 to 10,152psi (10 to 70MPa). Up to 20,000 data points can be recorded in multiple series of 70 impacts each. This model reduces errors and increases the security of test data collected. Also allows measurement of custom correlation curves and automatic calibration tracking. Reports can be exported via PDF or CSV formats.

Compared to a standard rebound hammer, the Schmidt digital rebound hammer significantly increases productivity by eliminating the time required to record measurements and make rebound calculations. Rebound value, number of impacts, impact angle correction, and series ID are automatically recorded and calculated. Data management and information sharing are enabled through the free Schmidt Live app for iOS and Android, with the iOS version also featuring a text-to-speech function. Connecting to a web-based reporting tool via Bluetooth, the app allows real-time sharing of test data with off-site personnel. A logbook feature allows GPS positioning, notes, images, and audio comments to be added to the reports. The Live can also be used as a simple analog hammer.


  • Measure and report significantly faster than analog hammers
  • Impact energy of 2.207Nm (1.63ft-lbf)
  • Effective on concrete with compressive strengths from 1,450 to 10,152psi (10 to 70MPa)
  • Reduces errors and increases the security of test data
  • Automatically corrects results for impact angle
  • Memory capacity up to 20,000 impacts
  • Create custom correlation curves
  • Impact results via text-to-speech on Apple iOS devices
  • Automatic calibration tracking
  • Reports exported in either PDF or CSV formats

Included Items:

  • Original Schmidt Digital Rebound Hammer (Type N)
  • Bluetooth module
  • Carrying bag
  • Carrying strap
  • Micro USB cable
  • Rechargeable AAA battery
  • Carborundum stone
  • Label with conversion curves
  • Certificate of conformity


  • HM-76B Test Hammer Calibration Anvil recommended for testing calibration of concrete test hammers
  • HMA-864 Original Schmidt Calibration Anvil is used to confirm proper calibration of the Original Schmidt Live hammer
  • HMA-866 Hard Plastic Carrying Case protects the Original Schmidt Live during transport and while in storage.
Meets Standard(s):
BS 1881-202
ASTM D5873
EN 12504-2
ASTM C805/805M
BS EN 13791