SpillFix - Oil-Only Absorbent Mat Roll

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The heavyweight oil-only Mat Roll, 30″W x 150”L, in size, are made of highly economical, contractor-grade single-ply meltblown polypropylene for oil clean-up on land or water. They are highly versatile for containing drips, leaks and responding to larger spills. White absorbents pick up petroleum-based fluids, paints and non-water soluble chemicals while repelling water.

  • 1 x Heavy Oil-Only Mat Roll
Container Type Roll
Class Oil Only
Absorbent Capacity 38Gal
Absorbency Factor 14.5 gl/gs
Absorbency Weight Heavy
Composition Meltblown White Color
Material 1 Ply Polypropylene
Material Features Dimpled, High-Linting
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