Buoy Smoke Lifebuoy Marker MK9, by PainsWessex (DAYLIGHT ONLY)

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The PainsWessex Buoysmoke MK9 is a compact Lifebuoy marker which produces dense orange smoke for 15 minutes. Ships are required to carry 2 markers, one mounted on each bridge wing with the brackets supplied and attached by a line to a 4kg lifebuoy. (An approved Lifebuoy Light should also be attached to the lifebuoy).

The signal is used to mark the position of a man overboard in the water during daylight. It can be automatically deployed by releasing the lifebuoy, or manually activated.


  • Manoverboard day time lifebuoy marker 
  • This version is required for USA and Japanese flag vessels who require 15 hour lifebuoy lights (SOLAS only 2 hours) 
  • Buoysmoke Lifebuoy Marker Product #: 30-53835