TSW - 3-Way Amber Type A, C Barricade Light

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3-Way Amber Type A, C Barricade Light

Use Flashing Barricade Lights for all road work or construction projects. Empco-Lite’s Model 2006+ is the recognized industry workhorse for applications such as detour alerts, clear line delineations, airports, and railroads. It is bright and easily visible during the day. The “D” cell batteries simply drop into to the light base and the case is ready to be snap-lock closed. The case will remain closed and secure during the rough handling normally encountered during transportation and service work. The impact absorbing breakaway candle reduces internal damage. Bright and dependable LEDs coupled with power efficient, reliable moisture proof circuitry, provide trouble-free operation. The barricade light can be quickly installed on standard traffic barricades and barriers to alert traffic or pedestrians. Made in the USA and built to be more durable than imported competitors.


  • 3-way switch toggles between On/Off, Steady Burn, and Flash.
  • Flash rate of 65+/- 10 FPM; 24/7 Flash.
  • High impact polypropylene case, weatherized, impervious to UV.
  • High impact poly-carbonate lens.
  • LEDs are longer lasting that standard lights. LED is a light emitting diode, unlike a bulb, which a has a filament that burns out.
  • Flashing LED circuit uses less than 50% of the energy a normal incandescent bulb uses.
  • Optic system projects a rectangular pattern, meeting I.T.E. specifications.
  • The lens and LED are interlocked to rotate together providing rectangular pattern.
  • MUTCD compliant.
  • The lens and LED can be rotated, ensuring that the light is always facing traffic. Because the lens and LED are interlocked, they rotate together, and always shed light in the required direction.


Batteries Can operate on two or four “D” cell batteries (not included)
Battery life Approximately 60-90 days on four batteries
Lens color Red
Lens diameter 7" (with a 5/8" reflector ring)
Base color Yellow
Weight 3 lbs.

Installation & Hardware

  • Lights can be mounted to most traffic safety devices including barricades, barriers, traffic cones, traffic drums, and vertical panels. Thread the bolt through the hole in the base of the light and through a hole in the mountable object.
  • Includes 1 mounting bolt per light to secure light to standard traffic safety device.
  • A specialized, but traffic control industry-standard socket is required to tighten mounting bolt. Socket is included only in full cases of 10 lights; not included with orders of fewer than 10 lights.
  • Use switch pin to turn light on and off. A heavy-duty paper clip can be substituted for the switch pin. Pin is included only in full case of 10 lights; not included with orders of fewer than 10 lights.