VSG - MK10 Adult Front Professional Life Jacket, Type I

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Yoke vest lifejacket with foldable neck to reduce stowage dimensions. Double transparent pocket for badge, muster station, ship’s name, cabin. Device certified according to SOLAS M.E.D.

VSG Mk10 Lifejacket USCG/SOLAS – USCG Type I

The VSG Mk10 Lifejacket is designed and approved for the US Flag market and for users who require dual approvals such as- SOLAS and/or USCG.

  • Designed to turn an unconscious person to a vertical or backward position
  • Comfortable, compact and designed for efficient storage
  • High visibility; bright orange fabric fitted with SOLAS retro-reflective tape
  • Fitted with lifting loop, buddy line and whistle
  • Attachment for lifejacket light (light not included)
  • Transparent pocket for muster information
  • Weight: more than 95lbs (+43 kg)
  • USCG Type I
  • Chest Girth up to 69in (1750mm)

Size Adult