Aiglille - Butyl Duct Tape, Silver

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  • HIGH QUALITY TAPE-- Waterproof butyl seal duct tape is 1.58 Milli-inch Thickness x 4in Width x 16ft Length ( 1.2MM x 10CM x 5M ); Working Temperature: -40 ℉ to 248 ℉, stop the leak effectively aging resistance for 30 years.
  • AIRTIGHT & WATERTIGHT--The flexibility, strong adhesion, and weatherproof, Great reflective heat insulation effect, the use of small grid corrosion-resistant aluminum foil film. It has the best waterproof performance, which can stop the leak effectively.
  • TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE--Securely bonds to even resistant surfaces. It is less temperature-sensitive and oozes less in high temperatures.
  • WIDE APPLICATION--Butyl Tapes are often considered an all-in-one solution due to their many application uses. It is compatible with these surfaces: Glass,rubber roofing,Metal roofing,Wood,Galvanized ,Aluminum,Metal,Plastic.
  • EASY TO INSTALL--Simply peel off the release film and apply the butyl sealant tape to anywhere needed. No need to do Extra Waterproof Coating, you will find it is EASY and EFFICIENT.