Circuit Breaker Lockout - Stainless Steel

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Stainless Steel Panel Lockout

The Stainless Steel Panel Lockout is a circuit breaker lockout tagout device. It lockouts out the entire panel. Two of the panel screws are encapsulated by the device preventing the removal of the panel cover. This device is designed to help prevent vandals from accessing the electrical panel. Do not use near live open panels.

For panels 17 inches to 30 inches wide. Made in the USA.

Includes a padlock and reusable tagout, either Brass padlock with 3 keys or our new Red Nylon Padlock with one key.

Padlock option for keyed alike ore keyed differently.

Extensions not used with this item.

May have lead time for delivery.

Do not use near open electrical panels. Made in the USA. Lock imported.

Purchasing without locks and tags

To purchase without locks and tags for a price reduction of $3.50 per Stainless Steel Panel Lockout, please call or email us. Your lock must have a long shaft that is less than 1/4 inch thick. however, you can place a Master #417 Lockout hasp on the Stainless Steel Panel Lockout and use any lock that has a shank 5/16 inch or less.

Advantages of using the Stainless Steel Panel Lockout during Construction

During construction wires are pulled, but not terminated, into a live panel. These terminations are not made until the field side of the wire can be completed. This leaves the wire exposed to vandals. With the Panel Lockout, all wires can be terminated into the live panel and then the panel can be locked with circuit breakers off. This protects the wire and the work that would be needed to replace it if it was vandalized. Locking out the terminated panel prevents an incomplete wire from becoming live in the field. Also, if one or more circuits are complete, they can be energized while keeping all the other incomplete circuits locked off.

Another advantage to completing the terminations in the electrical panel is that deadlines can be more easily met. The electric closets often become a bottleneck in the last days of a project when all the terminations need to be completed. Finally, there is no searching for trims and panel covers for the electrical panels because the panels are already completed.