Honeywell - Howed Leight QB200HYG Replacement Foam Ear Pods, 1 Pair

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Honeywell Howed Leight QB200HYG Replacement Ear Pods are designed to provide maximum comfort and minimum pressure. The Replacement Ear Pods provide superior convenience and a truly personalized fit for all-day wear and comfort. The Pod Shape for easy handling and wearing, as well as a comfortable seal in the ear canal for superior comfort and protection. It shields the wearer from loud sounds and noises in the environment, as well as dust and other poisonous particles and improve your hearing conservation programs, and reduce NIHIL risks to the minimum for every worker. These Howard Leight QB200HYG Ear Pods are used in various industries such as agriculture, farming, building construction, forestry, food processing, and more.


  • Soft pods rest partially in the ear to combine comfort and protection
  • Patented band design prevents pods from touching dirty or contaminated surfaces
  • Smooth, ergonomic design
  • Light and portable
  • 25 dB Noise Reduction
  • Color: Orange
  • UPC: 33552005209
  • SKU: QB200-HYG