Equate Stainless Steel Bandage Scissors, Ea.

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These scissors are designed to lift bandages away from skin for removal with less risk of injury. The curved design provides better control and two different cutting blades work on tougher fabrics and even light metals. Made with durable stainless steel, these scissors are a lasting addition to your first aid supplies. Equate Stainless Steel Bandage Scissors are perfectly designed to help you safely remove bandages without risking further injury. Regular scissors have sharp tips that can cause harm when trying to get between a bandage and the skin below. The easy-to-control angled blade is designed to lift bandages gently away from the skin and reduce the risk of injury. These scissors were thoughtfully crafted with blunt tip sides that slide gently under bandages and keep the skin underneath safe. The curved design provides better control, and two different cutting blades work on even tougher fabrics. These durable, stainless steel scissors are made to last and are even strong enough to cut through light metals. Equate Stainless Steel Bandage Scissors are a great addition to any first aid kit. Making the right health decisions can be challenging. With a complete range of products and simple solutions, Equate allows you to take care of your family with confidence.

Equate Stainless Steel Bandage Scissors:
  • Easy to control angled blade
  • Lifts bandage off skin to cut easily
  • Two different cutting blades effective on tough fabrics
  • Blunt tip slides gently under bandages
  • Cuts metal, plastic, and cloth
  • Package contains one pair of scissors