SpillFix - Granular Absorbent Bag 4 Gallon / 15 Liter

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One 7 lb bag of SpillFix has the absorbent capability of a 50lb bag of clay litter. One pallet of 7lb bags outperforms 7 pallets of traditional clay absorbent.


  • OMRI Certified for use in Organic inputs
  • NSF Listed for use as an absorbent in Food manufacturing
  • Premium absorbent made of 100% recycled material
  • Extremely effective on the absorption of hydrocarbons, water-based fluids and most aggressive chemicals
  • Certified safe for landfill disposal
  • Lightweight and easy to deploy

Carton: 4
Half Pallet: 62
Pallet: 124


Product Volume 4Gal / 15L
Product Weight 7lbs / 3.2kg
Container Type Smart Bag
Class Universal Absorbent
Absorbent Capacity 2.1Gal / 8L
Absorbent Type Granular
Material Coconut Husk, Coir
Material Features 100% Organic, Non-abrasive, Non-toxic, Silica Dust-free
UPC 858025000235