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  • Goggles with polycarbonate clear lens, with anti-fog treatment and holes for indirect ventilation. Maximum dimension lens for 180° all-around vision. Thanks to the internal side slits it can also be used by operators with glasses.
  • Lens 2 C-1,2 1 BT 3: UV protection with good colour recognition. Passage of light from 74.4% to 99.9%. For continuous use. Impact resistant lens (steel ball dia.6 mm at speed 120 m/sec.) and to the high speed particles at extreme temperatures.
  • The product has been designed and manufactured to comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and subsequent amendments.


  • EN 166 Values:BT 3
  • According to EU Regulation 2016/425, by Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) we mean any device or item intended to be worn or held by a person for protection against one or more risks to that person's health or safety, as well as any functional complement forming part of that item, even if removable. The personal protective equipment (PPE) is divided into three categories:

  • Cat I. PPE of simple design intended to safeguard the person against risks of minor physical harm, the effects of which can be identified in good time and without harm to the user.
    Cat. II PPE that does not belong to the other two categories.
    Cat. III. PPE of complex design intended to safeguard against risks of death or severe and irreversible injuries.
  • The EN 166 standard specifies functional requirements for various types of personal eye-protectors and incorporates general considerations such as designation; classification; basic requirements applicable to all eye-protectors; various particular and optional requirements; marking; information for users.