Survitec - 6Ltr cartridge operated Wet chemical extinguisher

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The 6 L, cartridge operated, fat fire extinguisher has been specially designed for extinguishing cooking oil fires in industrial kitchens and canteens. As the first line of defence, it can be installed in addition to the automatic system in open kitchens where automatic equipment is required, or as a means suited to the risks presented in kitchens, reheating rooms and cooking islands.


  • A and F rated- specially designed for kitchen oil fires (class F)
  • The fat fire extinguishers contain a high performance wet chemical designed for fat fires
  • In addition, it will extinguish electrical fires up to 35 k
  • High firefighting capabilities meaning quicker and safer firefighting
  • The integrated flow control valve at the curved hose end equips the user with a direct and better control to fight the fire
  • The higher than normal, industry standard burst pressure for the cylinder and hose safeguard the user when firefighting
  • Long life and low maintenance costs are assured as survitec’s extinguishers are manufactured from 2 mm thick steel, shot blasted and polyester coated and with an anti-rust safety pin