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The Trinidad and Tobago Country Flag can be recognized by a red background broken by a black diagonal stripe trimmed with white. The stripe bisects the flag, the lower white trim originating from the upper hoist side, or left corner and terminating a distance away from the lower fly side, or right corner equal to the width of the black stripe and white trim together. The Upper white trim originates the same distance from the upper hoist side corner and terminates at the lower fly side corner. The white trim is meant to represent the sea, including the plentiful food and resourses it provides. The red background presents a tribute to the strength and diligence of the population, while the black stripe is meant to represent the people of Trinidad and Tobago, themselves. These colors, taken together represent the elements of Earth, water and fire. The Trinidad and Tobago Country Flag was officially adopted in 1962 after the country won independence from Britain.