VOC Pro – PID Gas Detector by RKI Instruments

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3-Wire Explosion Proof Transmitter


  • PID sensor options: 10.0 eV lamp / 11.7 eV / 10.6 eV ppb / 10.6 eV ppm

  •  Wired power (3-Wire), 12 to 35 VDC operating voltage

  • Operating temperature range -40°C to +54°C

  • Graphical LCD with LED backlight

  • 3 Push-button interface (ADD, MENU, SUB) with corresponding magnetic, non-intrusive switches

  • 2 Individually configurable alarms

  • 2 Front panel LED indicators (amber and red)

  • 2 Optional fully programmable alarm relays (dry contacts)

  • Output options: 4-20mA (3-wire) analog, RS-485 modbus (4 wire)

  • 1-Year warranty (see specifications)


The VOC Pro Series Gas Detector is a versatile assembly that uses a PID sensor to detect a variety of gases. Wired power (12 to 35 VDC) with 4-20 mA analog and RS-485 Modbus outputs are standard. Magnetic switches allow for non-intrusive calibration while in the field as well as full system settings and diagnostics.

The VOC Pro represents the latest leading edge technology in fixed gas detection today.


Sensor Type PID
Operating Voltage Wired power (3-Wire) 12 to 35 VDC
Power Draw 2 Watts maximum
Protection Power electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter


4-20 mA surge suppression

RS-485 surge suppression

Display Screen 102×64 Resolution graphical LCD screen transflective (sunlight readable) with white LED backlight
Interface 3 Push-buttons (MENU, ADD and SUB)


3 Magnetic non-intrusive switches for calibration

Customizable Settings 2 Individual-configurable alarm LED/relay set-points
Temperature Range -40°C to +54°C (-40°F to +130°F)
Output (digital) RS-485 modbus
Wired (Analog) Output 4-20 mA (3-Wire)


Fault terminal

Optional 2 dry-contact relays with replaceable 4 amp fuses

Remote Sensor Kit


(Optional Additional Feature)

Remote sensor kit with enclosure (5 pin)


• PID sensor max. length: 35 feet

Product Dimensions 5.5 in, L x 6 in. W x 7 in. H (8 in. W x 17 in. H Max. dimensions with attachments)
Total Weight 6 lbs.
Hazardous Location



Main Enclosure Certified explosion / flame proof CQPSUS


Class I, Division 1 & 2, Groups B, C & D,
Nema 3, 4, 4X, 7 (B, C, D) 9 (E, F, G)

Temp.= -20°C to +60°C

Sensor Housing Certified explosion / flame proof CQPSUS


Class I, Division 1 & 2, Groups B, C & D

Temp.= -40°C to +60°C

Controllers Compatible with all RKI Beacon controllers, as well as most DCS / PLC systems: Beacon 110, Beacon 200, Beacon 410A and Beacon 800, MC-6400
Warranty 1-Year warranty for electronics, and PID sensor (Two months for 11.7 eV lamp)